This is the Future Home of Your Project!

And I can't wait to fill it in...

Wireframes for Web and Mobile

Need some UI/UX?  No problem.  Don’t need it but know a picture is worth a thousand words when you are trying to describe 9,000 business rules to a room full of sleepy developers?  Done.

Super Fun Whiteboarding Sessions, yeah!

As a problem solver and communicator, my second home is the whiteboard.  It’s where the ideas are hatched and the stuff we are going to go try and build is seen for the first time.  Once it leaves the whiteboard it starts to become a physical thing, which is the most fun part of the alchemy associated with what I’m lucky enough to do.

Requirements Documentation

Hopefully either you are putting requirements into a database like Rally or Jira or something like that.  If you are not then I will evangelize it when I get there, don;t worry.  Word and Excel are great for exported requirements that you email around as stale artifacts.  Real reqs are in a tool, and you know it, and I know it and together we are going to make it happen.

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