SPG Keyless
Now you can open your hotel room door with your smartphone.

The Challenge

With the goal of being the first company to market with this groundbreaking experience, how do we create a first class experience around a guest receiving their room key on their smartphone so they don’t even need to stop by the front desk?  And how do we make it all work seamlessly with our existing systems the run the hotels today?

The Solution

In addition to building all new operation processes to handle the issuing of digital keys, a service framework was creates to hand off communications between existing systems as well as full integration with the SPG App, a brand-new notification service roll-out, an on-property web app to make it all work.

See SPG Keyless in Action

Hotel Deployments

Technology Forward Brands

Months to launch

Amazing Result

Build a Web App that allows Associates to easily manage digital keys

Speaks their langauge

We needed to incorporate terms familiar to hotel associates that allow them to relate what they would be doing with digital keys to their existing world of issuing plastic physical keys to reduce errors and make operational training easier.


Seamless Integration with Backend Systems

Switching between too many systems would have created an operational burden on the associates that they could not afford to take on with the mission critical job of ensuring guests experience the highest level of service with this new technology.

Full Integration with the SPG App

All-new Notification Engine

The app now needed a way to come and get the guest to let them know when they could let the hotel know that they would be arriving and let them know when their key would be ready

Making something never seen before intuitive

We had to make the integration of the keyless elements of a guest’s stay not only remain non-intrusive but make the actual experience of using your smartphone to unlock your door seem natural, like you always knew how to do it

Such a cool project to work on, see for yourself: