Konica-Minolta Online Inventory System

Project Description

The idea with this project was to get the service technicians in the field a way to order used parts from a centrally located inventory storehouse that they could use to fix office machines in the field.  This allowed them to not only get the parts to the client faster, but recycling the parts is an enormous cost savings to the service organization rather than having to buy new parts to service the machines.

Project Details

Client Konica-Minolta Date 10/2012 Skills Web Design, Web Development, WordPress, Requirements Analysis View Internal Site Only


Active Users

Million Saved Annually




User Access Controls

Since this is an internal site but accessible freely via the web, the user access needed to be tightly controlled.  The Admin user would receive all access requests to the back-end and then have the option to approve them to grant them access to the site.

Extensive Administration Backend

The back-end interface needed to allow inventory control administrators to easily add new parts to the system in order for them to be immediately available for purchase by the technicians in the field.

Fully Responsive

Service technicians would be in the field when they would need to order the parts, making placing their orders on their mobile devices critical to getting the job done

Always Up to Date

Prior to accessing a web site from a mobile device, the technicians were forced to pull up a google document on either their laptop or phone to see what was available, often sorting and ruining the data in the table

Saves the Company Money

Making it as easy to get to the site as possible for technicians, combined with just a few taps to place an order encourages them to use the system, and with every order, the organization saves money

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